Activated Charcoal Food

Yes, one of the 2018 trends is black food.
Black looks always nice and stylish and on food, very unusual. Is it safe? Well, probably in small quantities yes, it should be, so, look for a place that makes  activated charcoal ice cream, pizza and what not and have your own experience, take a picture, it is definitely cool!


While rewording the description and checking a few things for the listing of a ring on my shop on Etsy website, I looked at one of the pictures: this picture was not a real picture actually, but just an image with some words on it,  I actually forgot about all these little features that made Etsy a beautiful place... once. The words are

 "this item made it to the front page on Etsy" 

A few of my items made it to the front page many years ago, when Etsy was a place for real artists and artisans, this was one of those achievements we all were aiming for. At that time for a few years, Etsy was a beautiful place, then it all changed. A couple of different CEOs and people around them decided to take different directions and doing so ruined the real spirit of Etsy, just in the name of profit at all cost, like everything else in this society, right? Etsy became a sort of Ebay and Amazon with a better design, where lots of sellers are just sellers, who have their products m…

Mosaic and Pearls - The new necklace Stilosissima M

This is a statement necklace, very unique.
A beautiful modern stylized micro mosaic is featured in a sterling silver frame pendant ( 1 3/4 X 1/2 inches), 2mm thick.
The necklace is made of huge (10 - 11 mm) white natural pearls, chosen one by one and knotted with a thick dark grey cotton thread.
For this necklace of the new Jewelry line, I wanted to create something that combines the beauty and elegance of pearls with the modern and uniqueness of this micro mosaic.
The necklace in the picture is about 16 1/2 inches in length.
Mosaic and Pearls Necklace Stilosissima Mosaic and Pearls Necklace Etsy Shop

Stilosissima 925 M- The new Jewelry Line

The New Jewelry Line will feature modern micro mosaics.
This is my first piece, made in collaboration with a wonderful artist:
Leslie Biasi.
California Sunset Ring on Etsy
California Sunset Ring on

The New Bracelet - Personalized Sterling Silver 925 and 14 K Gold Bracelet

This bracelet was created for a special person I know. A great musician, mentor, professor, composer, a wonderful human being.  I am talking about Jazz Trumpet Player Gilbert Castellanos.
This bracelet was an idea to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Young Lions Jazz Concervatory (YLJC) founded by its artistic director, jazz trumpet virtuoso Gilbert Castellanos.

Gilbert Castellanos: Downtown Season 2017-18
The Bracelet at
The Bracelet at

Let's Celebrate Modernism Week "Fall Preview" October 19th

In addition to the events in February, Modernism Week hosts the “Fall Preview” weekend in October. Partner organizations collaborate to produce a “mini-Modernism Week” to kick-off the active social and recreational season in Palm Springs.

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"Does this ring turn your fingers green? " I would say,  " No! I don't think so! Well there is some copper on the outside, not on the inside though, because it is all sterling silver inside" ...  but depending on what you do, the kind of skin, your diet, yes, even your diet, the copper  could react with your skin, but it is outside and there is very little COPPER though" so maybe not! But who knows? Maybe it is just you! 
Some people experience no discoloration.  The discoloration  is not harmful to one’s health, and is readily washed off with soap and water.  
Some  people buy copper jewelry,  for the purported healing properties that result from the direct contact of copper with their skin.  They welcome the green discoloration of their skin as evidence that the copper is working. Usually it is used to relieve joint pain and arthritis ...It also has antibacterial and anti fungal properties, which help prevent infections, wow! 

Anyways, bottom …